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We are not living in the last days. We live in the kingdom of God and we are to be affecting the world in which we live by the power of God. The Kingdom of God has no end, it is an eternal kingdom.


Fulfilled Eschatology is just new enough as a movement that its internet presence is far greater then seen in brick and mortar churches, yet that too is changing. Its amazing to see the growth.


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This website is dedicated to the challenge of making known the power and truth that Christ Jesus, our Lord, did in fact fulfill the words of all the prophets of God; did Fulfill all spoken of Him in Scripture, and has come in His parousia according to His own words. But we cannot do it alone and we are not alone in this great campaign of today's Great Commission!
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Christians have been debating views of the end times since the second century.

In different ages, some views have enjoyed more popularity than others. But the issue must never be “which view has the most proponents” but rather, “which view best interprets the Scriptural data in a proper manner.” This principle is especially important when considering the New Testament phrase, “the Last Days.” Many Christians are so certain that they already understand what it means, they never really examine its use in Scripture. They assume that the “last days” refers to the Second Coming of Christ. But is this really how the Bible expects us to understand this? Many Christians will close this connection right now saying, “Of course! What else could it mean?” But be careful. What we think really does affect what we do. Our theology of the last days really does have a great influence on our ministry, time, money and efforts. If you’re willing to do a little work, we think you may be surprised at what the Bible actually says. Go on, take a chance! Truth will bear investigation. And who knows, God just may want to teach you something you’ve never thought about before.

To this end, we of Exciting Eschatology, strive in service to the Lord Jesus Christ concerning not only the vital good news of Jesus but also the truth of His words concerning the end of the age. Our group is made up of scholars, authors, preachers, and professional individuals. As well as everday people like you and me. We care. Our hearts are to help with promoting better understanding of Scripture and its Covenantal Promises. We are glad you are here. We encourage you to look through the resources provided and to be honest. If that means you will remain as you are in your present understanding, then God bless you. If you have come to want more, we are here to help.